Monday, May 12, 2008

A Day

I have had A Day. Ergo, I skipped the gym and baked cupcakes. Then I posed for pictures with my cat. Who's a winner? Why I do believe that's me!

I totally should have gone to the gym as that would have worked out The Rage. But cream cheese frosting is significantly tastier and therefore a close second. Also a close second would be screaming the word yam on the phone with Liz. We have decided that the 40 dollars we spent yesterday to have our 'chakras cleansed' was completely worth it because it gave us the new curse word of Yam. It's fun and it garners odd looks when yelled or said out loud. And you can shout it at coworkers without having to talk to HR. Sure, you may have to see the office shrink to talk about your fixation with root vegetables, but I digress. I believe this word was the only thing I took away from that class as this morning the first thing I did when I left the house this morning was to yell very not nice words at a woman driving a mini van full of small children. Screw the chakras, she was blocking traffic. Also, she had annoying bumper stickers so she totally deserved it.

Yam. Yam all over the damn place.

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