Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Classy Evening

Today at work I had A Not Good Day. So I IM'd a friend and invited her over for wine and thai food. After the wine we came to the conclusion that watching A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila would be a good idea. And it was.

This show? Is possibly the downfall of America...but also, HILARIOUS. The dude's have the worst hair ever seen on television outside of Cops, and they made the contestants eat a pig's vagina. Yeah. They did. The best part of this was my friend, choking on her wine, explained how last season she (Tila) made them eat 'penis testicles'. By this she, of course, meant cow penis AND testicles, but I like to believe that MTV somehow created a hybrid and then made idiots eat them. I then explained her incorrect wording with the deeply philosophical statement of 'drunk things make you say not right stuff' as I was laughing too hard to string a coherent thought together.

I have now declared Tuesday's Tila day and have made my friend sign a blood oath that she will come back and watch with me weekly. This is not only because she's a great friend, but also, because I can't watch this show alone or I will feel very sad about my life.

Viva le Tuesday!


Dimplz said...

This probably doesn't mean crap to you, but I think your blog and your writing is hilarious. I hope to get to that level of humor and openness one day.

You made me LOL today. And not "lol" like funny, really LOL! I had a minor outburst at my desk a few times and that's not easy.

You rock!

jess said...

viva la Tuesday, indeed!

Sunshine said...

i LOVE Tila Tequila. but i ONLY watch it at like 1 am when they play re-runs and i am getting ready for bed... thats how i feel less sad about watching it by myself!

consultinggirl18 said...

Oh my god, I discovered Tila this season and have felt so shameful about the addiction. I can't wait until the inevitable MTV all-day-marathon of season 1 ... I may even put it in my netflix queue.