Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Global Warming,

Hi there. I believe we've met a few times. You know, the weekends in April when it was 95? Well, I just heard you are coming back to town. Specifically on Friday when the estimate is that it will be around 100. Here's the thing, global warming, some of us, ok roughly 90% of people within Los Angeles, don't have central air. Meaning? We will melt. And be cranky. In a city where the populous at large is already 8 notches up from cranky (due to the lack of carbs and stupid drivers), it's not wise to piss us off. We will take our designer handbags and storm over to our house. And you haven't been bitched out until you've been bitched out by someone who hasn't eaten sugar since 1985. It's not pretty, but it is very thin. So let's put it this way Global Warming, chill the fuck out, watch a couple of Tila Tequila episodes and call off the dogs. You've been warned.

Hugs and Kisses,


Dora said...

You go girl, tell it like is!! BTW, if it works, let me know cause we need a bit more summer up here in Canada, and I'll do my bitching too!

Chuck said...

Why don't people in LA have air conditioning? That's just whack!!!

AJ said...

Ok, I just read this-- did you read mine? We write like letters. LOL.

You're funnier. Shakey fist. ;)