Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Liz

Yesterday was Ms. Liz's birthday. She didn't want a party or big hoopla but I wanted to do something as I celebrate everything. Yes, I am that girl, I know you are not surprised. I found out that one of my favorite singers, Mason Jennings, was playing a small venue in Santa Monica so I bought us tickets. We drove there, directions in hand, hoping there wasn't a line at the bar as Liz needed vodka, in large quantities, post haste. Then we arrived. And it was a high school.

Yes. My awesome birthday rock concert was held at Santa Monica High School's theater. There was no bar, but there was however, a bake sale.

We sat down and the opening act started. First let me say, she is an amazingly talented artist, great voice and cute as a button. But, apparently she's not ever looked in a mirror and realized the adorableness that is her, as every single song was about death or depression. Sometimes about both death and depression. So you know, your basic uplifting hour and a half long set. Nothing says 'birthday' like music about death inside a high school auditorium.

Luckily Mason came on and sang nice things and looked adorable so spirits were uplifted. Then we ran as fast as our little legs could carry us where I basically put a funnel in her mouth and poured vodka in. Because I am a good friend. Who likes to take her friends to very depressing folk rock concerts and then get them drunk. Do I know how to party or do I know how to party?

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