Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Moments of Glory

There are moments in ones life where they feel especially proud of themselves, as though they are cool and on top of things. I did not experience these today. I did however have to sing the Fergie song to myself to spell the word glamorous. Thus, that song has been in my head on repeat since 8:30 AM.

As I was driving home, alternately twitching and cursing under my breath whilst humming that damn song, I decided to have some fun. I plugged in my iPod and rocked out to Journey. By 'rocked out' I don't mean I listened to it. I mean my car was vibrating and I was full on dancing. Arms flailing, head thrown back kind of rock out. People stared. I did not care and upped the ante. The arm gestures got bigger, the stereo was cranked to max and I believe I was red in the face due to the heartfelt singing. And that's when I noticed a former co-worker in the car next to mine with her mouth agape staring directly at me. I stopped mid 'Believin' and waved, cleared my throat and went back to responsible driving. For the next mile we were stuck in traffic together, trying not to lock eyes. When traffic finally broke I saw her in my rear view mirror laughing so hard tears were rolling down her face.

I may look like an asshole, but at least I brought her some joy. Now excuse me while I go join the Witness Protection Program.

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Candi said...

I do the same thing EVERY time I am in my car, it's the only way I can get through rush hour traffic without going postal on every single moron driving around me! Plus, like you said, it brings others joy :) And really, isn't life about making other people happy? Well, it definitely seems like that's what life is about 90% of the time.

BTW, long time reader, first time commenting. Your blog and your writing are awesome!