Friday, May 30, 2008

Stupid Being a Stupid Adult

Tonight Liz and I were due to eat of the pizza and drink of the wine. Unfortunately as we are adults our jobs got in the way. I was able to escape a mere half hour ago, but poor Liz is still in her office with no end in sight.

Why do our jobs try to kill us and then fly us to exotic locales like Minneapolis? I do not enjoy this being a grown up thing and think instead I should be an heiress. That is a much, much better career path. I am going to spend the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to become one. Perhaps the Heiress of Oreos? Or better yet, Heiress of Wine. I think this sounds like an excellent plan. And 100% logical and doable. Don't deny.


Dora said...

Why did no one tell me that being an heiress was a carreer path???? I would have studied a lot harder and gotten that degree!! All these years wasted! Oh well, my only options right now at my age are professional retiree. I'm looking into the requirements right now as we speak!

Chuck said...

Are Bartles and James still available? (and/or alive) Perhaps you could go all ANS on them and be a wine heiress?