Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...again

And again. And again. Tomorrow is leg one of my five week long odyssey of travel. First, Canada, which I'm sure everyone is shocked about. Equally shocking is the fact that I will be there for 24 hours. I am then back in LA for approximately 18 hours before I fly my ass to New York. This leg of the travel I am very excited about. There will be drinking and Central Park and most importantly friends I haven't seen since my exodus two years ago. I miss New York like a limb and the idea of being there again is making me bouncy like a cracked out three year old.

Then I come back. And travel again three more times for work. I am calling this my Great North American Summer. Or, how I got enough Amex Points to get a new iPod which I will use when I fly to Bali on my frequent flyer miles. Or, Scranton, as let's face it frequent flyer miles don't get you a lot these days. Whatever. It will be free and that will be enough. As long as there is a hammock involved and someone willing to fan me with palm fronds then sign me up.

But, that will have to wait. First I have to fly to Canada and a variety of other cities in the states and pretend to be an adult. This will involve the wearing of suits and smiling and nodding. I will then scurry back to my hotel room and watch reality shows wherein people try to date internet stars or dance. This will help keep me sane as being forced to pretend to be all grown up for hours on end gives me a headache. I will also seek out and eat enough maple products in the next 24 hours to tide me over for the next 5 weeks. I have my priorities straight.

So, here's to the start of blogging from the road. There may be pictures. And these pictures may be of hotel bars. And if you're lucky, maple donuts. Stayed tuned...


Dora said...

You are so cute....it all sounds like loads of fun!!! Especially when its paid by the company! Take advantage! If you need advice on expense reports, that's my specialty, in the accounts payable. I have seen it all!!!
Of course there will probably not be a lot of sleeping going on, what with all the jet lag and flying time, but hey, you're young!!!

Sunshine said...

ooo maple donuts... i want one. now. thank you.