Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh So LA

Today I went to chakra restorative yoga.


I did.

It was just as LA as you would think from the title. The session started when the teacher explained the light therapy that would be used in the class and then directed us into the first pose with these words: 'your energy source is located next to the anus, so please spread your cheeks and settle into the pose for maximum benefit.' It was then that I started to laugh. The kind of not out loud laugh where one just shakes and has tears rolling down their face. The two friends I went with then spent the next 2.5 hours deliberately not making eye contact with me as when they did, I would lose it. Once I regained my composure I joined in the super classy spreading of the cheeks and thought to myself that if my energy source is located in my ass, I don't think I want it. This started the laughing again which meant I had to redo the cheek spread. Repeat this cycle for the couple of hours and you get my class experience.

My favorite part however was when we chanted. Generally, you just chant Om and it's relaxing. This time we chanted Yam, pronounced YOM. The teacher kept reminding us of how it was spelled which meant I couldn't help but think that I had paid 40 dollars to chant about yams and talk openly about my butt energy. It also made me think of Thanksgiving, but that's neither here nor there. But generally, during a yoga session, one shouldn't be contemplating new side dishes to be served in November. But I was. I was also using all of my non-butt related energy to not laugh when she spritzed chakra enhancing scents on me. This time I was successful...because I'm a very mature adult. Or too concentrated on yam dishes. Whichever.

Thanks LA, you're a peach.


Sunshine said...

This seriously made me laugh out loud at work... and i cant stop laughing... haha OMG... this could be bad.

thank you for your wonderful blogs.

Lish said...

LMFAO...I have also been laughing out loud at work at this one. Gotta love it. I have also been contemplating the relative location of my energy to my ass and have really come to several deep realizations about my own being and why I am the way I am.

More than that though, I'm contemplating a whole new exercise craze around energy releases from the ass...I could make millions.