Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celebrity Sightings

One of the benefits of living in LA are the odd celebrity spottings that happen on a daily if not weekly basis. Lately I have had a very good run.

To begin with there was Victoria Beckham sitting 2 tables away from me at brunch. She didn't eat but she did drink a whole pot of coffee and look enviously my sandwich. We are so BFF now, I expect an invite to a sleepover any second.

The next was Danny Bonaduce. He's roughly 4'9. No joke. He was wearing cowboy boots that had a 3 inch heel and still came up to my nose. He was wee but looked like he could totally kick my ass (most people could kick my ass I'm delicate like a flower). Oh and it was 50 degrees outside and he was wearing a spandex muscle tee. It was quite a look.

Finally today I have had the best celeb spotting ever. It has dethroned the Ron Jeremy eating a hot dog spotting. Who could do this? Who could take the crown? The answer to that of course is Snoop. Yes, the original gangsta, the DoggFather. His bodyguards were the biggest human beings I have ever seen. They weren't so much men as they were mountains with arms. You don't fuck with Snoop.

These brief moments in time almost make the traffic worth it. Almost.


miv said...

wow. snoop. i'm speechless. it makes my Giselle run-in today meaningless ;)

liz said...

I rarely disagree with you, forgive me, but you could totally take Danny Bonaduce.

Chuck said...

^ As long as she isn't a douche ex-reality star that tries to dry hump you....