Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weird, but Good

So my situation is weird but good. The boy and I decided to live apart for while, but still date. We came to the realization that we moved in together way too fast and still needed some space. Hopefully this way we can be better, together, but apart. It's a difficult adjustment but so far, so good.

On a totally different note at brunch this morning I was seated two tables away from Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice. She had all her kids with her but no David. Although if David had been there I would have had to walk past with my fingers in my ears as hearing the man speak completely destroys the illusion as he sounds mildly like a British Minnie Mouse. But this is why I love LA: I can enjoy my eggs while stealing glances at a Spice Girl. It's even better than mimosas. Well, maybe it ties. Ok, ok, it's a close second. What? Mimosas are really fucking good.

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plain jane said...

Oh, that can be an excellent thing to do, but difficult I would imagine. Best to you.