Monday, November 12, 2007

Things I Have Noticed

The ads on my page are currently for Older Single Men dating sites. What about my recent posts cause that to pop up? No seriously, let's think on it. Was it the mentioning of mom? Of bruises? Perhaps it was the ear drops. I think this is it. Because who doesn't want to date a hot, sexy, older man who gets turned on by such hot items as ear drops and perhaps, if you're lucky, Depends?

When driving back to LA yesterday we passed the Morongo Casino. It was then that the boy got all giggly. When I asked what was up he said he just found it clever that there was a casino named Moron, GO. I think they should name the next one "Ilikademoney". Or perhaps "Youhaveagamblingproblem". I think I shall pitch that one. I can see it really taking off.

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