Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's Official, I Have Too Much Stuff

My new couch and chair were delivered to my soon to be moved into apartment.

When we measured and did a graph in photoshop it was all 'hey! look how much room you'll have!' Um...yeah. I don't. In fact I may have to pole vault over my couch to get to my desk. I may also have to sleep with some books and DVDs tucked into bed with me. And my wine collection. And a printer or two.

I love, LOVE, my new apartment. And I equally love all my furniture, of which there is plenty. But as I am downgrading from a 1500 square foot 2 bedroom to a 700 square foot one bedroom, well, there's just no room to put stuff.

It's totally normal to have to store shoes in the fridge, right? Excellent.

Oh...fuck. More later on the 'oh fuck'. Knock at the door, it's not fun...

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Pumpkin Pants Snr said...

ha ha shoes in the fridge... excellent indeed!