Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Kids, today sucked. I'm not gonna lie. It's been a giant, steaming pile of suck. Do you know what makes the suck go away? Wine. Lots of it. We're talking like 8 to 10 bottles. No food to get in the way. (says the girl who is flat out drunk after 2 glasses, but go with me here).

My job is still trying to kill me with the stress and the workload and the stress. Did I mention the stress? And the revisions. Dear sweet merciful christ, the revisions. I am about 2 minutes away from hiding under my desk and crying. Or asking Jesus to turn my water into wine, because really, JESUS YOU OWE ME. Like big. Water into wine right after you give me a massage and buy me a small island kind of big.

I'm toast kids. Totally and 100% burnt out. So not only am I toast, I'm gross toast.

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