Friday, November 09, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

Last night the knock on the door was the census lady. Apparently they didn't get the 25 page census I filled out and mailed back in, and if I didn't let her in my apartment RIGHT THIS MINUTE I was facing a fine and possible jail time. Who knew the census people wielded so much power? And also, took the census so seriously?

So the census lady came in and asked me a bunch of questions then finally, after what seemed to be a very long time (in which she gave me life advice that was mildly inappropriate) she left. This was good as her arrival occurred at the exact moment I was packing my bags to come home for the weekend. So instead of getting home around 12 or 1AM I got in at 3. Good times!

I have spent the day drinking with an old friend and playing Wii, so it's pretty much my LA routine but in a significantly warmer climate. And with a dog who doesn't understand A) personal space and B) that my head is in fact not a pillow.

It's good to be home.

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