Friday, November 16, 2007

Shakey Fist

As you can tell by the theme of the last few entries (stress, death, please god make it stop) this week has been a wee bit rough. Well, today was my coup de grace in horribleness. I did the unthinkable. The thing I have avoided successfully for years. I burst into tears in my boss' office.

Now I am a naturally weepy girl, for reference see Whole Life, Mine. BUT, that being said I hold it together in front of those in charge of my pay check. You want to yell at me? Cool. I will sit there with a smile and take it. I once had a Diet Coke thrown at me because it wasn't cold enough and I simply nodded, said 'sure, I'll fix that' and left with a smile (then cried in the bathroom). I never let them see me sweat. Today, however, when I went to smile and nod as I was ripped a new asshole I started to shake and then did the whole gulping thing then the choking sob. Oh yeah. I sounded like a 5 year old who just lost her Barbie. Words caught in my throat and my face went beet red. It was super classy, lemme tell you. My boss was thrown for a loop to say the very least. But hey, at least he stopped the yelling.

Apparently I am not doing enough. What with the managing of 7 projects with no assistance and the 12 hour days. Excuse me while I go hide under my desk. I think it's safe there. Perhaps G-d will take pity and stop smiting me. Or at least leave a bottle of wine and chocolate under my desk.


mv said...

ok, no idea what line of work you're in and i'm sure deep down you're passionate about it. but do you ever weigh out the positive and negative and rethink your position. lord, i just couldn't deal with that endless stress..,
on another note, i think your blog is fabulous and i love that you post everyday!

Melek said...

poor thing. what a crappy day. odd how all of my friends are having the same kind of week. must be 'week before a big holiday stress' or something.

you know, they sell individual box wine (so it's like a single serving). you could totally get a 4-pack of red and keep them in your desk for such occasions.

hope next week is better....

liz said...

Is your boss five years old? Does he lack professionalism to the level that he resorts to yelling?! Does he also throw himself to the floor and threaten to hold his breath?

What an idiot.

Get your resume out there. Your life isn't going to get better until he's fired or attacked by rabid, feral pigs. Let's all put up a little prayer that it's the pigs.

complex said...

wine at work