Friday, November 02, 2007

Well, That Sucked

At work today I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water before I left. I didn't notice the puddle of water on the floor until I had already stepped in it, hydroplaned on the floor, twisted my leg and fell. This was caused by the fact that there was water on our oh so slippery floors and I was wearing flip flops and well, God hates me.

So I had to stay after work to assure HR that I am in fact not going to the hospital for my twisty leg and I also am not suing them. I had to say to them, literally, 'Look, I get hurt a lot. Things and people fall on me or I fall down stairs. Or walk into things. Yes, there was water on the floor and I slipped. Shit happens. My knee hurts and I would like to go home. If for some reason my leg just up and falls off and I have to go to the hospital, I'll call you." And with that I hobbled out of my office and made my way home, oh so gracefully.

So now I am home. And I am looking for my Vicadin. Because Vicadin makes the world ok and makes my leg less hurty. Viva le drugs.

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