Saturday, November 03, 2007

Feels like Summer

It's hot outside today. Hot hot. Which is awesome you know, because who would want a cooler day when moving furniture and heavy books?

Which brings me to my second point (assuming there was actually a first) in that moving sucks ass. I am moving piecemeal since we technically have this apartment until the end of the month. I would not recommend this. Half my stuff is in the other place and half my stuff is here. But, I have to stay here as the truly important things are in this apartment: my fridge, my cats and cable TV. And I love my TV. In the new place the first day they could come was the 17th. Ah corporate America, come and give me a hug. So I can knee you in the balls.

Off to pack my umpteenth box of the day and once again realize I save everything. EVERYTHING. I had movie tickets from 1999 that have made it through 3 moves. Cross country. I think it's finally ok to put to rest my ticket for Requiem for a Dream from 10.8.99. Rest in peace little ticket. And please take all of your little friends with you.

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Amanda said...

You are so brave! I never throw away movie ticket stubs and I guess there's no reason to save them, right? My oldest is 1994. The Lion King.

By the way, please remind me on Monday to make this my quote of the weekend or something cause it's hilarious.

"Ah corporate America, come and give me a hug. So I can knee you in the balls."