Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Comedy of Errors

Today I walked in the office, sat down at my desk and realized my computer was gone. So I called IT.

'Um, hi. Just got in and my computer is gone.'

'Yeah. We took it. Yesterday was your last day, right?'

'No...that would be Thursday. That's why I am calling you. From my desk. Asking for a computer'

'Oh. HR told us your last day is Monday the 27th'

'My last day is the 27th, Thursday. As today is the 25th...well, you get the picture...'

'Fucking HR!'

So, they brought me a computer. And I worked, really and truly this time (except for the 45 minutes I spent reading a magazine) until 2 PM when everything on my computer stopped working. Odd, I think, and restarted. Only my computer now won't let me log in. So I called IT.

'Hi, me again. My computer stopped working.

'Right, we locked you out. Yesterday was your last day, right?'

And that's when my forehead hit my desk. Finally at quarter to 5 they fixed it. I am determined when I come in tomorrow my desk with be gone with a note that says 'your last day was Monday, right?'


Chuck said...

LOL. As an IT nerd, I can totally relate to the other end of that conversation.

HR Sucketh.


Dora said...

Can you get any more messages from the gods that you should be putzing around instead of working???? Good Grief!!!