Monday, March 24, 2008

Notes From A Day

- Hospital gowns are drafty

- My seemingly very uptight doctor apparently REALLY likes techno music. I think listening to techno while looking at someone's colon is bizarre, but hey, different strokes different folks.

- While under I dreamed about work. I do not think this is fair because I have quit and did not go to work today. It's haunting me and I would very much like this to stop. Because it wasn't just a dream about work, it was me at work, with a last minute project with bossman yelling at me. Dear brain, please stop this post haste.

- No food for 42 hours makes me a very cranky person. During an America's Next Top Model marathon I threw something at my TV as someone (shockingly) said something stupid.

- When I woke up and they gave me cookies I proposed to a nurse. She declined.

- Why is it one only gets the insanely attractive anesthesiologists when one has their rear exposed and all probed? I want to talk to the person in charge of that. Not cool, dude. Not cool at all.

- Liz, as we have established, is awesome. Squared. She picked me up and got me home all quick like and filled me with food. Also, ex boy drove me to the doctors. I like my people. Especially when they help me find cake and then help me eat it.

- Clean bill of health. Yay colon. Keep up the good work.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

You seem awfully young to be having a colonoscopy. (Side bar, I was IN a colonoscopy video. Thankfully I wasn't the patient. And no not as the asshole, either.)

Glad everything turned out ok. Isn't that laxitive the worst? Good god the least they could do is make it taste decent. YUCK!!