Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Fun Way To Wake Up

So every night before I go to sleep I put on lotion. My new lotion is orange scented and pretty strong. This morning at 3:15AM I was awoken by a strange sensation, my cat was licking my elbow. And from the feel of it, had already licked my entire arm. Apparently he needed a little citrus in his diet. Time to discontinue that lotion and have a serious sit down talk with my cat about personal boundaries.

On a total non sequiter today was awesome. Why, you ask? Because I quit my job. Man I hated that job so much that words can't properly describe it. Upon quitting I had to restrain myself from doing a jig of glee. I have now celebrated by eating of the Peeps. I know how to PAR-TAY.


Chuck said...

Apparently your cat thinks oranges smell a lot like tuna? LOL That would be wierd.

Congrats on quitting your job. Good luck.

Dora said...

Darn, now you can't use the whack on the back to negotiate an amazing salary!

Seriously, though, if you hated this job so much, then I am glad you quit and I wish you the best of luck in finding something else. OOhhh, have you found something else? And do you have to give 2 weeks notice and stick around?

AJ said...

There's just nothing like waking up to your elbows being licked.

Mmmmm.... Memories...