Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thanks Jesus!

Today we got notification that my office is closing at 1PM tomorrow in honor of the holiday weekend. A coworker of mine stood up, ran, leaped in the air and click his heels together in celebration. Then somehow, magically, all 6 feet 2 inches of his limbs got entangled together and he hit the floor. I like to consider this my Easter bonus. Usually I'm the one who falls. Now I fully understand what people are laughing at...that shit is funny.

I like the fact that all my coworkers are banding together to make asses of themselves. I like to think of this as my parting gift. However if they were this funny and non-asshole like all along maybe I would have stayed. Oh well, they fall down and go boom now, and I like it.

1 comment:

Sheleena said...

I can't stop laughing. I love the "Easter Bonus" line!