Monday, March 17, 2008

A Scene From My Life

4PM at desk hard at work (checking myspace) and had just popped an Altoid.

Company President walking up to my desk: Can I see that ad?

Me: Sure (hiding myspace and explaining creative) So that's about it, I think we accomplished the objective.

CP: Agreed, that one small change and then we'll be good.

Me: Great! (leaning over and writing down the change he requested)

CP: Good work! (Slaps me on the back. Hard.)

Me: (I swallow Altoid, cough)

CP: Do you smell mint?

And then my coordinator laughed so hard he almost fell out of his chair. My life is awesome.


Chuck said...

If you choked yourself into a coma, would that have been workers comp?

My computer always chooses that time to freeze up and not alt+tab over to my "work". Rat bastard thing!!!


Dora said...

WOW, you got whacked by the company president!!...Cool!! Bet it doesn't happen to everyone! Can you use it at the next meeting or salary discussion?