Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Grandpa, Is that You?

I just Vapo rubbed my feet. It's gotta be all uphill from here, right?

Liz now swears that the VapoRub on the feet is the miracle cure for what ails you. At this point if someone told me that hopping on one foot while waving a flag worked, I'd try it. It's been well established that I have the delicate constitution of a fruit fly or dying blade of grass, take your pick. One of the other lovely side effects of my new medicine, besides the FLAMING TOMATO RED face, is the complete destruction of the immune system especially during the first week. So my immune system is now non existent and someone in Delaware apparently sneezed, and thus, I'm sick. Hence the gooey feet. And the staring at the ceiling bemoaning my state as a human being.

I am a ray of sunshine and joy. With feet that smell like a retirement home. Sexy.


Chuck said...

Nothing turns me on like the smell of vapo rub. Mmmmm.

I'm getting a chub just thinking about it.


Dora said...

I always said that vapo rub is a miracle cure for sore muscles! and aches and pains!!! Its just like Tiger Balm...only a lot cheaper! ..Oh and smellier!