Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Enjoy The Margaritas

Tonight my friend and I went and had many a margarita. Then we played Guitar Hero. This type of evening is preferable to most.

I have been celebrating the quitting of the horrible soul killing job that attempted many times to make me cry. I think this is an event worthy of multiple drinks made of tequila and far too many tortilla chips. It will also be celebrated this weekend with more drinks and dinner with friends and ,more than likely, more Guitar Hero before I have to hand it back in with my ID card. Personally I think they should give it to me as a parting gift. Along with the 6 months of my life I wasted.

Soon I will will have to stop the celebrating or I will end up in a muumuu. Celebrating is fun, but caloric. And also gets in the way of typing, as after 3 margaritas, the letters seemed to be jumbled. Silly letters.

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Chuck said...

Margaritas are the best!! They pick you up when you are down, and keep you up when you are celebrating. And, they make me want to dance.

So, on the caloric content of margaritas, here's my math:

Margaritas = Dancing = Burning Calories.

Margaritas make you lose weight!!! It's the miracle diet!! I think that math is pretty scientific and shit. It should be in some text books.

I should be a teacher. Margarita 101 and the companion class, how to cut a lime without spraying lime juice in your eye.