Sunday, March 02, 2008

Last Night, A Recap

Last night was awesome. And drunken. Ergo, drunkenly awesome. It started out rocking out to Journey and ended eating a mountain of french fries served by a transvestite waitress.

Ms. Liz and I drank of the whiskey (me) and the vodka (her and me) and played very bad pool which she has already written about on her blog. It was some of the worst pool I have ever played as the balls did not want to go in the hole. This is probably due to the fact that I hit in them in the completely opposite direction and then tried to verbally convince them to move towards the pocket. They did not want to. Odd, really.

Due to drunkenness things were significantly more hilarious that they would be completely sober. This fact also applied to our catch phrase for the evening: Ace the We. We screamed this out often and loudly. It confused people. This is because people are dumb and oblivious as the answer was written across my chest.

I had purchased a new shirt which looked like this:

As it was chilly I paired it with a cardigan thus looking like this:

I understand that to you, the reader, this is more than likely not amusing. What I suggest is doing a few shots of a hard liquor and then picture me, anonymous blog girl, wearing that, holding a pool cue and doing tai chi. Then you'll understand.


Chuck said...

I love it. I would have thought it hi-larious!

Drunk girls are fun....

Becky said...

I would have laughed and then joined you.