Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This morning a friend of mine sent me the following article:

Please be sure to watch the video. Let it all sink in there.

After reading it I decided to invent my own hug called the A.C.H. which stands for the Agnostic Crotch Hug. It's like the regular hug you see, just no arms. Instead, you just tap crotches. I like to think of it as the perfect ice breaker on first dates or company parties. Boy, I can't wait to try it out at all my upcoming holiday events and/or my new improv group. It'll win them over for sure.

Side note- this post made me use the word crotch, aka the worst word in the english language, multiple times. That's how committed I was to this joke. (Or not a joke because I totally plan on doing this.)


Peach said...

hahah, yes, love the agnostic crotch hug!
when i first saw this video i thought it was a joke, there is NO WAY people take this seriously...

christinaworden said...

Comedic Gold. Love the A.C.H. too!
Also, just for fun, go to Urban Dictionary and type in "Rough Rider" I am confused about these Christians.

Amor-En-Linea said...

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