Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Valiant Effort

I am attempting to do the whole blog every day in the month of November thing. Notice the word attempting. This is due to the fact that tomorrow I will put Ava and Liz in my car and I will drive us to Vegas. Where there is bottle service. And a lack of morals. Ergo, I am not sure blogs will happen on Saturday or Sunday. Or they will and they will be drunken or just mobile uploads of my shoes. Tough call.

But, things have gone awry in all of our world's lately so I decided the only cure for this was to apply copious amounts of vodka. Luckily my uncle is still there and still going through his late life crisis and thus is welcoming us with open arms.

Oh, it will be good. If you see a car with three girls loudly singing along to Journey, wave and say hi.


Chuck said...

Have a fun and safe trip.

Do I come across as an e-stalker? I seem to comment on your posts frequently and I don't want to appear creepy. I just like your writing and the personality you portray through it.


Online Dating Girl said...

I like the comments! So don't worry about it Mr. Chuck.