Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wake Up Call

According to the interwebz cats hate the scent of citrus. Of course I trusted this information as why wouldn't I? The internet is where I find things like good deals on shoes and dates. It's my own personal virtual wonderland. So, I had utter confidence that my cats would leave me alone after I applied my new orange scented face lotion.

I was woken up at 4AM by a 22 pound cat sitting on my chest and licking the lotion off my eyebrow. That was the most action I've gotten in months.

Apparently sometimes the internet lies, and not just through out of date photos of potential dates. I'm off to apply more lotion though and hit the sheets. What? It's been slow for me lately and it may save me from having to pluck my eyebrows. I call that multi tasking.


Chuck said...

LOL. My can woke me up the other day by licking my ear. Then biting it.

I agree, it's the most attention I've seen in a while...


Amor-En-Linea said...

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