Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vegas Part 1

So here's where I finally post about Vegas. Has the anticipation been killing you? No? Ok, well, I'll post anyway.

On Friday afternoon my dear friends Liz and Ava and I hopped in my car, cranked the iPod and pointed our car towards Las Vegas. We then didn't move for 4 hours. In no way am I exaggerating when I say it took us 4 hours to go 35 miles. It was the worst traffic I have ever encountered. We amused ourselves by taking pictures of us making sad faces. That lasted approximately an hour. Then I spent the next three hours alternately weeping and threatening to stab all drivers in the face AND cursing out our extreme lateness. We were due to meet my uncle at 9PM, you see and I was unshowered.

Cut to 8:30 and we arrived at the hotel. You have never seen three girls get ready so quickly. That thing called modesty went straight out the window. There was a lot of naked, internet. A lot. I think officially all three of us are married in several states now due to what was seen. However, at 8:55 we were ready and walked out. I have never been so proud in my life.

At the club due to the rushing and the madness and the general stabby feelings we drank a lot. And by a lot I mean more than most people drink in a month. We danced on top of platforms. We drank vodka straight out of bottles. We flirted with 23 year olds and it was awesome. The first sign the night may go awry was when I was dancing on a platform and full on whacked my head on a corner. When I asked Liz for ice she handed me a single cube on a napkin. Luckily Ava jumped in and handed me more ice, which I applied to my head whilst I continued to sip from my drink. Wise choice. Getting stark raving drunk would come in handy shortly...

At approximately 2:45AM they took away the ropes around our table and it was open to the public. Apparently one of the public spilled their drink, chock full of ice. Not seeing this I walked through the mess in my incredibly high heels and well, I slipped. I slipped hard....and dislocated my knee. I at this point looked up laughing and internet, I shit you not, I pushed my knee cap back in by my hand. Yep. And then I got up, handed a bottle of vodka to Liz and insisted I was fine. Then I got to the stairs. Stairs are not your friend when you are limping and drunk. While standing there trying to figure out how I was going to get down them I was approached by two sober club employees. Thank the Lord for them. They carried me down the stairs and called an EMT. By the point the girls had shown up and it was declared I needed to go to the Vegas ER. At 3AM. On a Friday. With two very drunk friends in tow.

And that's the story that will continue tomorrow.


Chuck said...

You poor thing! At least you had plenty of anesthesia before hand to kill the pain.

Looking forward to part 2.


gamerbri said...

So looking forward to part 2 of this story. And I'm telling you this night sounds like the perfect sitcom show. I can't stop smiling at this.

Dimplz said...

This story is awesome already.

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