Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween, Part 2

So Liz and I went to a party in a cemetery. This is not the story however. The story is that we got inebriated and somehow my glasses got stepped on. I, personally, blame a gnome I call Sammy. It's the only logical explanation.

Thus, on Saturday I bought some super glue and set forth to MacGyver the shit out of them. I did, and in the process super glued myself to well, myself. There was lots of glue all over my hands. Fingers stuck to other fingers, thumbprints made of glue on my hand and thumbprints made of glue on the lenses of my glasses. Yay MacGyver! I called Liz (dialing with my nose) and asked how to remove superglue. She verbally shrugged and suggested peeling it off. And that's what I spent the next 3 hours doing once I unstuck myself from myself.

Later that evening we were at yet another party. Walking down the stairs my sandal caught in the gap of the step and my sandal broke. As I exclaimed this and my friend Ava said 'oh no!' Liz excitedly looks at me and in all seriousness asked 'Did you bring your super glue?' Because, in her mind, it was totally logical that in my tiny handbag I had packed the glue. Once I said no, Ava had to sit down due to laughing so hard she could no longer breathe.

And this is why I love Halloween and Liz. I do not however love gnomes named Sammy.

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Chuck said...

Me thinks you may have used atad too much glue.. Acetone works well or removing it, though....

Question: Is the gnome...

A. Something that was already at the cemetery

B. Another guest at the party


C. A trinket you bring with you from home for good luck which turns out to not be good luck

Thanks for clearing that up.