Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vegas The Final Day

Sleeping in a leg immobilizer is difficult. It becomes slightly easier if you consume all the vodka in the world and then take a Vicodin. Then you'll sleep until 3PM. This is of course only after you text message every person in your phone explaining that you fell down and went boom. And if you're me in this situation, you'll also text message your most recent ex. Oops?

The girls got up with me and asked if I was ready to head home. No, no I was not. Here's why: we fought the worst traffic in the history of mankind to get there. We had come with a goal to get good and kissed and forget all of our problems. Since I could not do this, they had to go out for me. They were going to have fun, dammit, if it killed me.

So we all got ready and I took them to a champagne tasting. (Side note, if you are on crutches seriously have Liz and Ava with you as one will walk in front screaming for people to get out of the way and the other will yell at people who don't. It's fairly awesome. ) As Ava is The Best Mom in the World she let me have 3 glasses of bubbly (shhh...don't tell Liz). Then I headed upstairs to go to sleep. At 11PM. In Vegas. The girls waved good bye and off they went to dance and mingle and have fun. I watched a documentary on otters.

Let me repeat that: in Las Vegas, in a free suite, in a leg immobilizer, I watched a documentary on otters. Oh yeah. Livin' it up. Do I know how to vacation or what?

The girls got home at 4AM and collapsed into bed. Then I made them get up at 7AM to drive my broken ass home as I'm evil. Also, I had cats to cuddle and blog posts to write about super exciting otter documentaries. I have priorities people.


Chuck said...

With Vicoden and alcohol, you should have been leading the pack!!

The bottles of Vicoden say "alcohol may intensify the effect" This means that it is more efficient. It makes it work BETTER! Win/Win as far as I'm concerned. Party on ODD!


Conrad said...

Just finished reading the "Vegas Diaries" and as I got up from my desk I shattered my knee cap on a drawer. Not physically, but it feels like it. Either way, I think these posts are cursed.