Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween, the final recap

- Here's a tip from me to you, when you buy glitter body spray put this on outdoors. Or, if you like me, are a little slow, don't apply it when standing in front of your air conditioner, next to a pile of clean laundry, and being stared at by a cat. This will cause the gold glitter spray to go EVERYWHERE. It is harder to remove from your cat than you think. Also, coworkers will stare at you, mouth agape, for many days afterward when you walk around with glitter covering everything. If that happens, well, just roll with it and tell people you are just exploring your Spice Girls side. They'll buy it. Or at least nod and back slowly away.

- My office fort lost the contest. This may have been that I accidentally pegged one of the judges in the eye with candy. You see, I sat in my fort and when I heard the door open I chucked candy over the fort walls. How was I to know he had really slow reflexes? It did however make the day incredibly amusing. I really recommend doing this for yourself. Even if it's not office sponsored.

- This year I only went to two parties. I was due to go to many more but the 2nd one had very cute boys to stare at. Ergo, we stayed put.

- I had more to write but I just got back from dinner where my friends and I split the best apple pie in the history of the universe and now I am tired. I am an old man who has to take naps after food. P-A-R-T-Y up in here!

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