Saturday, November 15, 2008

Girl's Night

Tonight is girl's night. Meaning, I will soon have 8 chicks crammed into my tiny apartment each clutching a bottle of vodka. Last girl's night I had ended with me falling asleep at 5AM, waking up at 7, putting on pants and then realizing they weren't mine. All I can say is I hope tonight is not nearly that tame.

Oh and tomorrow I will post about the hipster concert Liz and I attended last night. In case you were wondering where all the dude's wearing tight pants and scarves were, well, they were with me at the Mason Jennings concert. If I didn't love Mason's music so very much I would not have gone within 100 miles of the venue. But, I braved the patchouli laden air and made it out alive. And Liz only made one girl cry. A very successful evening.

I can't embed the Mason video, but go here and check it out. You're welcome.

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