Friday, November 14, 2008

A Scene From the Day

While walking out of the office with a coworker

Him: Where's your coat?

Me: Um, home, in my closet?

Him: You're going to freeze!

Me: A) It's like 20 feet to my car

Him: (cutting me off) Yeah, but you have to walk to your car!

Me: And B) It's like 72 outside. Maybe 70.

Him: (looking at me like I'm crazy) Yeah. Cold. (under his breath) crazy girl

He then put on his scarf, zipped up his coat and walked off. And for the record, it was 76.

1 comment:

Dora said...

What would he wear if he came to Montreal in February? And its -40 degrees outside???
BTW at -40 its the same in either Fahrenheit or Celsius!