Monday, November 03, 2008

The Worst Day of the Year

Today has been bad for many, many reasons. It has made me want to hide under things and weep (whilst drinking). And internet, it's going to get worse. Why you ask? Because on the first day after we move the clocks back all Angelinos forget how to drive. No. Seriously.

There is a mysterious thing that happens when people are forced to drive in the dark for the first times in a few months. It's called Fucking Utter Chaos. People, I need battering rams for my car. It's the only way I am going to get through this. Last year when this happened my office was located 1.1 miles from my home. And yet? It took me almost 30 minutes. Now that I am 4.5 miles away I fear I may not see my house until tomorrow. They drive with one foot firmly on the brake while looking around them, panicked expressions on their face. It's dark! How can they humanely be asked to drive without the sun? I know, with their eyes closed.

Hold me. I'm afraid.

Oh and totally off topic, go out and rock the vote tomorrow. And if you live in CA please, please, please vote no on Prop 8. I have a lot of friends who are deeply in love and deserve the right to marry. My heart bleeds for them when I think they may be denied that very human and basic civil right. (stepping off soap box)


C.S. Perry said...

Whenever we rubes down here below the Mason/Dixon Line set our clocks back...Monsters emerge from the sea and devour about two thousand people each before we can drive them back to the depths.
It's rough sure...but we always manage to win. And that's what counts, eh?

kel said...

Prop 8. Word.