Friday, November 21, 2008

I Swear I'm An Adult

Tonight I am going to see Twilight. Yep. I am. I am 28 and going opening night and I bought my tickets 3 weeks ago.

On the plus side the theater I am going to has a bar. As I will more than likely be the only one in the theater who is of drinking age (besides my companions of course) I plan on drinking even more. The vodka will drown out the screaming tweens.


asoom said...

I'm 24, I read that book in 2 days and immediately bought the sequel. I'll be watching it tomorrow if I have to go by myself!

kel said...

I highly suggest bringing a flask. Sadly, I was unprepared for my venture into Twilight and found myself surrounded by giggling, loud, talkative tweens. And some adults.

But, dear god, I heart Edward.

Edward 4eva,


Becky said...

I have you beat! I'm 36 and going tonight and I couldn't be more excited. And yes I got my tickets WAY ahead of time.

Kel, we have covered this...Edward is MINE! You can have Carlisle.