Thursday, November 20, 2008

That Was Interesting

Yesterday I went to an event that I would classy as very weirdly cool. And then 10 minutes later I classify it as just weird. I go back and forth depending on how hard I think about it. Basically I watched a 1930's macabre Cirque Du Soleil act in a bar.

See, I've never seen Cirque Du Soleil live but I've seen video of it. It looks fun and not really in your face creepy. More interesting and bizarre from afar. When you're in a bar it's not so much, know you, afar, as it is two feet away from your face. So when a man is dressed like a monkey, swinging another guy with a bejeweled belly ring on a rope right next to you, it's well, a bit awkward. Especially when the monkey man makes eye contact. Do you smile awkwardly? Well, if you're me, yes, that's exactly what you do.

And then, if you're me, you contemplate what the monkey man tells his parents when he gets the job. Does he call them excitedly and talk about how he gets to dress like a monkey and crawl around a bar on all fours and smack the floor with his giant monkey hands? Does he brag to his friends? Are they envious of his monkey gig because it's a paying acting job? Or do they silently mock him and leave bananas in his mailbox? (Hint, I would choose option B) These are the things I thought about while clutching my martini whilst a strange man carrying a torn umbrella and walked in pointe shoes and pretended to sniff me, because it's all part of the show.

Sometimes my life is weird.

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