Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Moving to Kansas

Dudes, apparently all the hot funny men are kept in Kansas. I discovered this today through the miracle of Ebay. A friend of mine is looking for an ugly reindeer Christmas sweater. As I am a master Googler I found one for him on Ebay. After sending it off I realized that not only was the dude in the picture hot but also funny. If someone can stage a Christmas themed photo shoot all to sell a sweater to strangers, well, then I need to date that person. I sent this to Liz and she said 'oh, he's in Kansas, that makes sense.'

Excuse me? Who knew that Kansas was the one stop shopping place for available attractive men? Not I. Had I known I would have gone there instead of Costa Rica. Sure in CR I drank my weight in beer and looked at pretty things, but in Kansas? I could have had a steak and left with a boyfriend. A boyfriend who stages photo shoots with fake Christmas trees. And then all would be happy in Meghan land.

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kel said...

Wow. Not re. his hotness, but I can't believe someone would actually pay $19.99 for that sweater.