Sunday, November 30, 2008


Y'all, I did it. I blogged every day in the month of November. I'm like the mailman except replace 'through sleet and snow' with 'through vodka and girl drama'. Other than that we're identical.

Tonight I went to a friend's place to help her put up her Christmas tree. It was just as it should be, meaning the men did all the work and the womenfolk sat and watched whilst eating cheese. I did stand up to hang approximately 10 ornaments but then I realized I was upright and had been for more than 5 minutes so I had to sit down again. That was pretty much the only physical activity I have had all day, unless contemplating going to the gym and instead napping counts. It's been that kind of weekend. Which is honestly the kind of weekend I support and think should happen every day.

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kel said...

Hooray for November NaBloPoMo, I did it, too! Will you be displaying your badge proudly? I don't want to be the only one...I'm totally shallow like that.