Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tonight I get to put on a fancy outfit and go to an open bar event. I have resolved to only have 1 drink (I'm driving) and to not make out with any very young, very inappropriate boys. Then afterward I will make Liz eat cheesecake with me. This will be my reward for making it through an event without ending up with a stranger's tongue in my mouth, something I have not been successful in doing recently. But as this is a fancy adults kind of event that's more than likely not going to happen anyway. But with my crazy misfiring mojo, you never know.


Yeah... work exploded. EXPLODED. So I was in the office past 7 and missed the event. So instead of flirting and drinking free booze I got home at 8 and had a cat fall asleep on my neck. Woo. Hoooo.

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kel said...

Ha! I have a feeling there's going to be a very exciting story as a follow-up to this post....