Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween, The Last Leg

Halloween for me this year has been approximately 2.5 weeks long. For the first time in my life I have actually enjoyed it. I did not however enjoy my costume. This may be because it was a prom dress from the 80's with massively uncomfortable boning and a giant bow on the ass. That look doesn't exactly scream 'hey fellas, I'm a winner'. So, earlier this week I came up with an alternate plan. On the way to buy said alternate plan I got my first ever traffic ticket. So instead of buying a new comfortable, awesome and sexy costume I went home, hid under my bed and called my mommy. This leaves me with two option: wear horrible dress and be in pain or cobble something together from my closet. I am choosing option 2. So, tonight, I am going dressed as something truly horrifying and evil. I am going as Jessica Simpson. I already have the two most important assets naturally built in, ahem, and I own a cowboy hat. That plus a picture of Tony Romo and a vapid expression and I am set. Although it's not exactly the best costume in all the land it's still significantly better than feeling like an extra from a poorly made White Snake video.

Wish me luck.

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