Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ringing in the Holidays

Today was a good day. I reconnected with an old friend and if that's not enough I then I sat around in my underpants eating tacos. If that doesn't say Thanksgiving I truly don't know what does. I live in up in the big city. Whew boy. Especially since I followed up the underpants/taco eating by napping. Oh yeah, it's getting crazy up in here. Then, THEN, I put up a Christmas tree which was very exhausting so I had to replenish my energy with cookies. I also ate those while sitting around in my underpants as that seems to be a theme in my life. A theme I am very fond of and then tell strangers about on the internet.


AJ said...

Same here. Except for me-- pasta and ice cream.

Ah yes, the roommate is away so it's no-pants-time for AJ!

gamerbri said...

wow damn, girls in underpants now that can be fun. LOL sorry I just have this image in my head of you sexy girls in your undies enjoying the holidays.