Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Part Deux

Tonight I hosted Thanksiving, Part Deux. What this means is that everyone brought their left overs, we ate them, and then we got very very drunk. Because of this I now have at least 100 pictures of my cats and a decorated a Christmas tree. We are now watching Die Hard, a Christmas classic, and are drinking more of the wine. But because I am a masochist and dedicated to this whole blogging every day thing, here I am, wine glass in hand and giving you an update.

Side note, I am such a fucking girl, it needs to be stopped. Today I watched Christmas movies on ABC Family and cried. Seriously, someone needs to punch me in an ovary. Or at least be here to make fun of me when I watch bad made for TV holiday film. Preferably the second of the options as I bruise like a peach.

1 comment:

kel said...

Dude, Christmas is all about the cheesy movies. Seirously.