Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good Times, People, Good Times

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of getting up at 5AM so I can drive home through the desert to see my brother's high school play. Jealous? Maybe if I am good afterward I will get to go to Applebee's so I can indulge in their reverse happy hour and $2 chicken fingers. Man, I freaking love the suburbs.

As I am lazy and have apparently reverted back to college age I am hauling all of my clothes home with me to wash. You see, my washing machine isn't located in my apartment building but rather 5 blocks away. This means all of my clothes are very, very dirty. It also means I am almost out of Febreeze. ( Gentlemen, the line starts to the left.) On the plus side, since I am by all accounts 21 again, I have no problem making out with strangers in bars. Oh and can drink myself sober. That's not just an urban myth, kids.

Alright, I am off for my exciting weekend in hell. I'll be blogging as well, there is little else to do there, and I am attempting to do NaBloPoMo wherein I post everyday. You lucky dogs you, that means daily posts about my boobs and shenanigans. And cats. Can't forget about those furry little fuckers.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

Hooray for every day posts!!

Do you find it ironic that you'll haul your clothes across the desert to wash them but won't haul them 5 blocks? LOL