Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Liver is Angry

Last night I had many, many key lime pie martinis at a truly wonderful house party. As I had made said martinis I know exactly how much liquor was in each one. And that, was a lot. A LOT A LOT. That means that today my liver and essentially my entire body is incredibly angry with me. Especially since I just drank a beer. Oops? On the plus side all of the liquor drowned out the extreme girly drama of the night. Drama which resulted in the girly tears and the eating of many cookies, because again, I am a girl and cookies are like Prozac. And also, go well with beer. See how that went full circle?

And now it's time to decompress and prepare for Monday and the potential of more drama fall out. Super fun times people, super fun times.

1 comment:

gamerbri said...

wow beer and cookies. I learn something new about you damn females everyday. thanks. lol