Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wow, Just Wow

Can I just say how incredibly grateful I am to the Arclight Theaters in Hollywood? Not only do they have reserved seats BUT, most importantly, they have an awesome bar wherein they introduced me to pear kamikaze shots. The girls couldn't finish theirs so I did. This was an incredibly important and wise decision as it made the movie Twilight not only tolerable, but the best comedy of all time. While I would still do dirty, dirty things to Robert Pattinson, the movie was just... well... it was as if someone mashed together the 1960's Romeo and Juliet and a really bad Lifetime made for tv movie. It was Showgirls funny. Unintentional but amazing. It was bad and yet I can not wait to own it so I can watch it over and over again after returning from a bar OR when ill and hopped up on DayQuil.

Ok, now I'm off to a party where I get to do my impression of Edward again. It's really stellar, I assure you.


Becky said...

Yeah my friend and I weren't in love with it by any means.
It was ok but yeah, sort of ridiculous.

I think I'll stick to the books.

Samantha said...

The bar at the Arclight is truly awesome.